IT and Telephone Services

Telephone Options:

£114.00 deposit – (£95.00 + VAT)
£25.00 + VAT per month rental


  • 2000 minutes to 01/02/03 numbers
  • 0.0075p per minute +VAT thereafter
  • 800 minutes to all UK mobiles
  • 0.061p per minute +VAT thereafter

* Premium rate and international calls will be charged separately.

IT Support is provided for those tenants using the services listed above only. Should technical support be required in relation to connectivity, connection points, telephone or broadband services provided by the landlord, Condie Investments Limited will provide this service free of charge.

Condie Investments Limited will not be responsible for any issues relating to hardware or software owned or used by the tenant. If an IT problem occurs caused by the tenants own equipment failure or software issues and Condie Investments Limited incur a charge, we will reserve a right to recharge costs to the tenant at a rate of £75.00 per hour.

If you experience IT issues, Red Rock Facilities Management Ltd should be contacted on 0844 800 8358 in the first instance.

For more information or to make an enquiry please contact Fairhurst Estates
0161 476 9425

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